Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pictures posted on the MITOC Gallery

Eric and Matthew here... We read all of our dad's blog and it's extremely accurate. Dad recorded all of the phone conversations in our exact words. We're glad that he kept this going throughout the summer for all to see. It will be fun to look back on this blog years from now and remember all the details of our great adventure. This could be a valuable resource in the future for anyone else planning such a trip.

As a supplement to our dad's awesome slideshows, we painstakingly cut down our 1500 pictures to about 200, and posted them on the MIT Outing Club gallery page. We also created an elevation profile of all 3000 miles...

Click here to see our pictures on the MITOC Gallery

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunset On an Epic Journey

Matthew called Friday night from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.As we talked, he watched the beautiful setting sun and remarked that "the sun was setting on their epic journey." He was also drying off from a quick refreshing dip in the Snake River. Eric and Darren were just coming down from some cliff climbing.
This epic journey started from Prudhoe Bay Alaska on July 6th and continued for six weeks and 3000 miles to Great Falls, Montana. But that wasn't the end. From there, Darren joined them and they proceeded to climb the highest mountains in both Montana and Wyoming. More details later. I will be going to the Louisville airport on Saturday evening to pick them up. Around noon, I made the the mistake of telling "Snickers the Wonder Dog", that I was going to pick up Eric and Matthew at 7:30PM . He thought about it for a second and then quickly bounded up to the window. He then proceeded to go into his anticipation wimper. From there he laid down by the front door to begin his vigil. I had to tell him it would not be until it got dark. Of course he understood and went back to his usual activities; chewing paper and getting much deserved rest.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Photos from Whitehorse to Great Falls, Montana

We just got a drive with 300 great photos.
I will be busy getting them ready to post so check back.
We heard from the hikers as they were food shopping and studying the best way to climb Wyoming's highest mountain peak. They bagged Granite peak in Montana and i will post a report about that soon.